What is a "Pass It On" Card?

Chiari Gear is dedicated to spreading awareness and supporting the entire community of survivors who live with daily pain and struggles.  Our vision is that through awareness, we can improve provider performance and care. In an effort to support our mission and vision, we created what we call "Pass It On" cards.  The cards contain information related to the disease, syndrome, or condition that you'd like to spread awareness for.  And we are committed to making sure that we create, develop, and send "Pass It On" cards for every illness for which we offer a design.

If you've purchased some of our Gear,  you automatically receive 5 cards with your purchase. "Pass It On" cards are a way to keep spreading awareness long after someone sees the name of your disease, syndrome, or condition on your t-shirt, sweatshirt, or hoodie. These cards give a brief description of the illness and the associated symptoms. We send five cards with every purchase and offer them in larger quantities for purchase as well.

The cards are 14pt, thick material to protect against wear and tear. The are glossy on both sides and the size of a business card so they fit perfectly in your purse or wallet. "Pass It On" cards is one more way that separates Chiari Gear from the rest. It's not just about the Gear - it's about the long lasting effects of the tools we give you to help change the world!

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